The his­tory of syn­vert saracus

saracus was foun­ded in 1991 with the aim of bring­ing com­pan­ies closer to the full poten­tial of their data and using it as a valu­able source of inform­a­tion for decision-mak­ing. Since then, we have suc­cess­fully advised a large num­ber of com­pan­ies in the field of data & ana­lyt­ics in Ger­many and Switzer­land. With syn­vert saracus, we want to take the next step and expand our con­sult­ing spec­trum to the whole of Europe. syn­vert saracus is part of the syn­vert Group, which is a mer­ger of six suc­cess­ful data ana­lyt­ics con­sult­ing com­pan­ies to form a full-ser­vice data and ana­lyt­ics pro­vider that enables com­pan­ies to achieve sus­tain­able com­pet­it­ive advant­ages from the use of data. To get an impres­sion of the syn­vert group, visit our joint website.

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